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Post-lockdown fatigue: Let’s Lose Lockdown Lethargy!

Anna Fiorentini 28 Jun 2021

Here we are, we’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time. My diary is getting busier, I’ve already forgotten my Netflix...


The play’s the thing: Our Five Favourite Plays

Anna Fiorentini 22 Jun 2021

In honour of National Writing Day, the annual nationwide celebration of the pleasure and power of creative writing, we thought we would take a...


Too Old, or Not Too Old, That is the Question: Reasons to join Performing Arts Classes

Anna Fiorentini 7 Jun 2021

Shakespeare once said, ‘Too old, or not too old, that is the question.’  Okay, maybe that is not quite what he said, but we...


Five Top Tips on How To Prepare for a Dance Audition

Anna Fiorentini 1 Jun 2021

[Edited 03/08/2021] Stage & the City are thrilled to be hosting auditions for our Contemporary Dance and Commercial Dance Companies.  Auditions can be a...


Top Films about Dancing

Anna Fiorentini 26 May 2021

From musicals to quirky dance montages in rom-coms, dance has a huge place in the film world. Some films may feature choreography and dance,...


Top Films about Film

Anna Fiorentini 18 May 2021

Almost as long as there’s been a moving picture, there have been filmmakers who wanted to take it as their subject. The film industry...


Life after lockdown: a chance for change?

Anna Fiorentini 11 May 2021

With lockdown easing and the world facing a ‘new normal’, it seems our situation may be improving. Yet for many of us who have...


Five Reasons Why Singing is Good for the Soul

Anna Fiorentini 7 Apr 2021

Without being able to help it, most of us have a little singsong every day. Whether that’s in the shower, whilst we’re making breakfast...


Five Differences between Stage and Screen Acting

Anna Fiorentini 7 Apr 2021

[Edited 15/11/2021] Whatever kind of acting you do; it will hugely help your performance if you train for both stage and screen. However, it’s...


5 top tips for the nailing your self-tapes

Anna Fiorentini 6 Apr 2021

If ever self-tapes were to have their day, it’s today! Due to the pandemic, there has been a dramatic rise in the auditions being...


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