SECTOR AF Performing Arts School

Five Top Tips on How to Prepare for your First Performing Arts Class

Anna Fiorentini 27 Jul 2021

Joining a performing arts class can be a fulfilling and exciting experience and you may be keen to attend your first session. On the...


Stagey Selects: The Lion King

Anna Fiorentini 23 Jul 2021

Welcome to our series of blogs called Stagey Selects where we will take a deep dive into our favourite musicals and shows from the...


Five Reasons to Fundraise

Anna Fiorentini 14 Jul 2021

Fundraising is essential to many charities and businesses. Without the help of regular donations, they wouldn’t be able to function and continue their good...


Stagey Selects: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – The Musical

Anna Fiorentini 7 Jul 2021

Welcome to our new series of blogs called Stagey Selects. We will take a deep dive into our favourite musicals and shows from the...


Learn the Lingo: Get to know your Theatre Terms

Anna Fiorentini 6 Jul 2021

Are you wanting to get into theatre but you’re struggling to grasp all the theatre terms? If you’re new to theatre it may be...


Five Reasons why Acting Classes for Kids are Beneficial

Anna Fiorentini 30 Jun 2021

Acting classes are great for children and young people because of the various benefits that they offer. Whether you are taking part in order...


Post-lockdown fatigue: Let’s Lose Lockdown Lethargy!

Anna Fiorentini 28 Jun 2021

Here we are, we’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time. My diary is getting busier, I’ve already forgotten my Netflix...


The play’s the thing: Our Five Favourite Plays

Anna Fiorentini 22 Jun 2021

In honour of National Writing Day, the annual nationwide celebration of the pleasure and power of creative writing, we thought we would take a...


Five of our Favourite Family-Friendly Musicals

Anna Fiorentini 17 Jun 2021

We have had some exciting news this week: our agency client Mia will be returning to The Prince of Egypt as it reopens its...


Make the Most of your Staycation: The Benefits of Attending Summer Schools

Anna Fiorentini 10 Jun 2021

[Edited 29/07/2021] It’s that time of year again – the summer holidays. While some may appreciate the long break, many may be troubled by...


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