Are Dancing Classes Worth it?

4 Oct 2022

dancing classes

Have you been thinking, ‘are there any dance schools near me’? Are you wondering whether your child would benefit from weekly dancing classes? Whether you used to dance as a child and you’re looking to reignite that passion, or you’re wanting to encourage your child to learn a new skill, dance lessons are beneficial to all ages. And here are our reasons why: 

1. Dance classes for adults can relieve stress 

That’s right, googling ‘dance classes near me’ will have you one step closer to relieving stress. We all deal with significant amounts of stress in our daily lives, perhaps made even worse by the pandemic and other scary stories circulating in the news. It may be difficult to completely eradicate this stress, but there are a lot of great natural ways for us to try to cope with stress. And one of those is through dancing classes

If you join a dance class for adults, not only will you be having fun and learning new skills, you’ll be getting a cardiovascular workout. You’ll be improving your core strength, flexibility and stamina. Of course, knowing you are in good physical health can help relieve stress but as you exercise, your body will also release endorphins. These chemicals are produced by the body to relieve stress and pain. So it’s a scientific fact that dancing classes can relieve stress! 

2. Dancing classes help increase social skills

Dancing classes are a proven fun and social activity. If you join a dance class for adults, you get the chance to meet a group of like-minded people who share your passions. Stage & the City’s dance classes bring a diverse range of people together in a relaxed, safe and friendly environment. Learning new routines as a group whilst helping and encouraging each other is a great way to build new friendships and increase in confidence. The skills and confidence you build through dancing classes can and will be put to good use outside of the dance school. You can show off your moves at parties and gatherings, as well as using your new social skills to engage with others in the workplace. 

This can also be the same for children where dance classes can foster long term friendships. In their dancing lessons, they will learn the skills to come out of their shell and communicate with others. 

3. Boost cognitive function with dancing classes

When you’re dancing, you’re using many different parts of your brain simultaneously. You’ll be listening to instructions, working within a group and concentrating on memorising routines. Dance lessons will often use simple steps in repetition. This can be great for children who are learning to follow given instructions. And, it is also great for adults as you flex your brain muscles, keeping your mind sharp. This can improve your everyday life, as well as your working life!

4. Dance lessons improve fitness

As mentioned above, dancing is a fun way to exercise. Attending a dance class as a child is great for their fitness. It helps increase flexibility and strength, which in turn can help them in other sports and activities. This is also true of dance classes for adults. You will learn to improve posture, engage your core and tone muscles. And the plus side is, you’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even realise you’re working out.

5. Start a new adventure with dancing classes 

Life can often feel repetitive and mundane, you may be feeling stifled by your work environment – so why not pick up a new hobby? Dancing lessons can be a way to explore a whole new world. Dancing offers an outlet for people to express who they are through music, movement or even costumes! Dancing classes give you confidence and a sense of achievement while teaching you to laugh at yourself and have some fun.

The music used during a dance can allow you to lose yourself – dance out your anger or emotion through an upbeat song, or feel calm and relaxed as you move to a slow number. And you’ll be surrounded by cheerful, artistic people who make your lessons rewarding and engaging. As you focus on feeling through the dance, you give your body and mind the freedom to let go of inhibitions and create a greater sense of self. The most important thing about dance is that it is for everyone, no matter your age or ability. 

So what are you waiting for? Join a Dance Class today

As you can see, there are many benefits of dance lessons. If you’ve been wanting to learn to dance, what are you waiting for? No matter your age or background, dancing classes can provide you with skills that can be useful in everyday life as well as in your career. 

Stage & the City offers dancing classes in London for adults. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you have some experience, we have a course for you. For more information on fees and timings, please click here

Or if you know a younger person that would like to engage with dancing, the Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School would be a great place to start. We have branches in Camden, Docklands, Hackney and Greenwich. You can join us on the first day of term for a Taster Day. This is a great way to try out the school and see if it’s the right fit for you before signing up for a full term. For more information, please click here.

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