3 Ways Dancing Can Improve Your Child’s health

Anna Fiorentini 21 Jul 2017

3 Ways Dancing Can Improve Your Child’s health

For some parents, getting their child to take part in physical exercise can be a challenge. Trying to incorporate exercise into your child’s lifestyle might seem difficult, but have you ever thought about signing them up to some dance classes? Dancing can be a fantastic way for young children and teenagers to stay active!

Improves Flexibility

Dancing can help your child prevent back pain, injuries and poor balance. Keeping their body supple will keeps their muscles prepared for fast and unexpected movements, as well as strains from movements in everyday life (lifting, bending down and reaching). Whether your child is dancing to jazz, hip-hop or contemporary style music, they will require a tremendous amount of flexibility to bring the performance to life. The more your child dances, the more flexible they’ll become!

Improves Posture

How many times have you had to tell your child to “stop slouching?” We all know that having poor posture is bad, but why? Having a good posture is an important part of preventing a wide range of back problems including back pain, sore muscles and nerve constriction. When the back is straight, the spine is fully supported.
One of the great benefits of dancing is that it can dramatically improve your child’s posture. Think about it, dancers are always having to consider their posture when performing certain dance moves such as balancing on one leg. Strong posture starts with self-awareness of the body.

Dancing is Good Exercise

Dancing is a fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise, depending on the intensity and style of dance. Dancing will make your child’s heart pump faster, work their muscles and will improve their breathing. In addition, calories are burned considerably faster when dancing because dancing requires a lot of fast body movement. If your child struggles with weight gain, taking dance classes could be a fantastic way to help them shed excess weight.

Not only will dance classes help your child stay fit and healthy, they’ll also help them become more energized and help them build up some resistance against injury. It really doesn’t matter what type of dance your child does; if they’re constantly moving energetically, then they’re elevating their heart rate and burning calories. So, there you have it, dancing is a fun and exciting way to incorporate exercise into your child’s lifestyle!

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