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Stage and the City’s Acting Company present…

Eduardo de Filippo’s play Saturday, Sunday, Monday. 

A sparkling contemporary commedia dell’arte about a feuding Neapolitan family.

Peppino suspects his wife Rosa of infidelity and she is brooding because he spurned her cooking and praised a meal prepared by his daughter in law. The character rich cast also includes a crusty grandfather, a formidable widowed aunt on the make for the family doctor, her mama’s boy son and a “liberated” daughter in law.

During the traditional Sunday dinner Peppino’s and Rosa’s tempers flare amidst a gathering of family and friends. Add to their feud generation conflicts, a lover’s quarrel, humorous insights on momism and bourgeois Italian life and the meal is unforgettable. Of course, all is forgiven by Monday.

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Approx. running time 2 hours 30 minutes with interval. 


Monday 5th December 2022 7:00pm

Tuesday 6th December 2022 7:00pm

Courtyard Theatre
The Courtyard Theatre, 40 Pitfield St, London N1 6EU

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