Lip Sync Dance Battle

Each year we have one or two opportunities for adults to step out of their comfort zones, take on a challenge and have fun taking part in our sponsored Lip Sync Dance Battle.

The less experience you have the better, your friends and family will sponsor you for having the courage to take part and show the world what you got!

You will learn a dance routine in approximately 6 hours, (normally over 3 evenings) and perform it in front of a live audience as part of our Stage & the City or Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School shows. This routine normally ends Act 1 of our shows and gets a standing ovation! If you are hunting for an adrenalin boost, want to shake up your routine and take on the ultimate challenge, this is the opportunity for you!

We ask that you raise a minimum of £100 to take part, (the 6 hours of training is free as well as the opportunity to take part in the shows). We will support you in setting up a fundraising page.

If you are potentially interested in taking part in one of our lip Sync Dance Battles REGISTER YOUR INTEREST HERE.


Past Lip Sync Dance Battles Have Included:

  • Man Up

    A brave troupe of men stepped forward and realised the It’s Raining Men routine in front of a salivating female audience. (Ok, we made that last bit up but they certainly showed their sumptuous side to a very appreciative audience!)

  • Are you Ready to Rumble

    Much escapist entertainment was had when this eclectic ensemble impersonated a range of iconic heroes including Freddie Mercury, Madonna and the Spice Girls, it was toe-tappingly terrific!

  • Burlesque meets Burlesque

    This group initiated their inner seductor and sleighed with Diva moves and sashay sensations.

  • Grease Medley

    They digged Danny’s dance moves, Sandy’s self-esteem and Frenchy’s finesse and stepped up to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this iconic musical.

  • Rocky Horror

    This team fancied a fierce foray into the darkly surreal and eye-catchingly iconic world of the Rocky Horror Show.

  • All about the 90s

    It Smelt Like Teen Spirit as this troupe rekindled their joy and took on the neon, pig-tailed world of the 90’s and had the audience crying out, ‘Baby One More Time’!

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