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  • What Can I Get Out Of A Dance Class?

    So, you want to dance? Perhaps you’re worried that when you return to the club post-pandemic, your moves will be reminiscent of your uncle’s. Maybe your body’s begging for an endorphin fix; only moving in unison with other cool cats will scratch. Perhaps you just want to get a bit fitter. But where to start? We’ve gathered everything you need to know before committing to a class or course.

    All types of dance are covered up to a professional standard and tend to be aimed at those with a performing arts itch to scratch. Classes are set to music, and the expert teachers will put your new moves to the test with energetic, fun, and challenging routines.

  • The ABCs of Dance Classes

    We at Stage and the City offer adult Dance Classes and Lessons in an extensive range of styles and disciplines, across all levels of experience. So whether you’re setting foot on the dance floor for the first time, have years of experience, or recently tried a new dance style, we’ll have the right course for you.

    If you want to advance your musical theatre career, you must build a ‘dance portfolio’. Your ‘dance portfolio’ is a range of dance styles that you feel you can do. For example, you could attend ballet classes, join contemporary classes, or join a dance studio. This will allow casters to see that you are comfortable performing a variety of techniques. Attending adult classes and upcoming events within your greater dance community.

  • Why Invest In Your Dance Education?

    Aspiring actors joining any reputable drama school to start their careers will quickly realise how much physical training goes into preparing an actor for a professional career. Movement is a big part of it. And even if you have no aspirations for joining a musical theatre group, having some dance courses from some of the best dance schools in London on your acting resume can put you ahead of most actors.

    Budding artists just starting their careers who choose not to train in drama schools full-time will greatly benefit from training at one of the best dance schools in London. Dancing—and particularly styles like ballet—is a tough, physically demanding type of performing art. There are many things that actors can learn from dancers: full control of their movement, being able to move with precision and purpose, and getting in touch with their bodies.

  • Your Dance Teacher

    Our team of professional and welcoming dance instructors is here to make sure you have a fun experience. Look through our adult dance classes and start learning how to dance now. Our dancers are trained by the best. Our teachers at Stage and the City will help you improve your dance abilities and grow into a comfortable performer performing at events. We offer everything from contemporary courses to beginner dance classes. Discover the dancing arts and join our dancers on stage.

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